Alligators and the Honor of Men in a Swamp: A Short Story of Man against Nature

So here it is, my first story on Kindle.

I’m not sure where the plot for this story came from.

I do know where the setting came from.

I was born in Florida and have a thing for alligators.

My wife and I saw several dozen alligators, some quite large, on a canoe trip on the Hillsborough River outside Tampa some years ago.

A picture I took of one of the big alligators is the cover of the book.

I used the setting from the river, and invented characters.

In a nutshell, a young white guy, the kind of guy you see on streetcorners everywhere in America, with a hip hop baseball cap and an opioid problem, searches for his sister, who is lost in the swamp. But she is with somebody else. And that causes complications when he finally catches up to her. Add an alligator, and let the merriment ensue.

I’m reasonably happy with the story.

When you start writing, even at my age, you’re like, “Wow. I suck.”

There are two possible reactions at that point.

You give up, or you keep going.

For some reason I kept going.

What I did well in this story is maintain tension until the end.

It may fall down in a few other areas.

But I think it holds up for the tension alone.