Miss Giovanelli Eats a Double Orange and Vanilla Sherbet: In which I Save a Viking Wench and Turn into an Owl

This is my second short story on Amazon.

It has it all: a Viking ice cream wench, a truck full of Eppinger Dardevles, sex in a cheap motel, a reference to the Carpenters, poisonous mushrooms, a murder plot involving hot friolator oil, and a hero who turns into an owl at the end. Pretty sure I touched all the bases.

In other words, it’s nonsense. But it reads well after the beginning. Lots of action. Lots of dead bodies. It would be like a comic book if it had a plot. Messing up the beginning is a cardinal sin, but I did.  It wasn’t bad enough to need fixing. Anybody put off by the beginning wouldn’t enjoy the rest of the story anyway. Is it worth 99 cents? I think so. That’s why I published it. Some may disagree!

I haven’t written much lately, but then again, I have. I haven’t published much lately is what I mean. I have a lot of material stored away. This has been a fallow period. I’m about to get busy publishing.

I want to blog regularly too, even when I don’t publish for sale.

Amazon wants to know what series my short stories belong to. Since I have only have two short stories published, I haven’t divided them up into series. But I’ve thought about it. My first story about alligators in a swamp was realistic and serious, so if I do more like that it will be my “Realistic” series. This story, which is all over the place, will be the first of a “Nonsense” series, if I follow it up.

Oh, look at the cute cat on the bottom left of the cover. It is public domain clip art. I found it here. The rest of the cover is a standard Amazon Kindle cover, but I’m going to keep the cat as a brand on everything I publish. I got the idea from Penguin Books, which had a lot of titles I enjoyed when I was a kid. The covers of all the Penguin books were orange with a cartoon penguin. It was simple, and I liked it. I want to do something similar, and I’m all about cats.

Alligators and the Honor of Men in a Swamp: A Short Story of Man against Nature

So here it is, my first story on Kindle.

I’m not sure where the plot for this story came from.

I do know where the setting came from.

I was born in Florida and have a thing for alligators.

My wife and I saw several dozen alligators, some quite large, on a canoe trip on the Hillsborough River outside Tampa some years ago.

A picture I took of one of the big alligators is the cover of the book.

I used the setting from the river, and invented characters.

In a nutshell, a young white guy, the kind of guy you see on streetcorners everywhere in America, with a hip hop baseball cap and an opioid problem, searches for his sister, who is lost in the swamp. But she is with somebody else. And that causes complications when he finally catches up to her. Add an alligator, and let the merriment ensue.

I’m reasonably happy with the story.

When you start writing, even at my age, you’re like, “Wow. I suck.”

There are two possible reactions at that point.

You give up, or you keep going.

For some reason I kept going.

What I did well in this story is maintain tension until the end.

It may fall down in a few other areas.

But I think it holds up for the tension alone.