Miss Giovanelli Eats a Double Orange and Vanilla Sherbet: In which I Save a Viking Wench and Turn into an Owl

This is my second short story on Amazon.

It has it all: a Viking ice cream wench, a truck full of Eppinger Dardevles, sex in a cheap motel, a reference to the Carpenters, poisonous mushrooms, a murder plot involving hot friolator oil, and a hero who turns into an owl at the end. Pretty sure I touched all the bases.

In other words, it’s nonsense. But it reads well after the beginning. Lots of action. Lots of dead bodies. It would be like a comic book if it had a plot. Messing up the beginning is a cardinal sin, but I did.  It wasn’t bad enough to need fixing. Anybody put off by the beginning wouldn’t enjoy the rest of the story anyway. Is it worth 99 cents? I think so. That’s why I published it. Some may disagree!

I haven’t written much lately, but then again, I have. I haven’t published much lately is what I mean. I have a lot of material stored away. This has been a fallow period. I’m about to get busy publishing.

I want to blog regularly too, even when I don’t publish for sale.

Amazon wants to know what series my short stories belong to. Since I have only have two short stories published, I haven’t divided them up into series. But I’ve thought about it. My first story about alligators in a swamp was realistic and serious, so if I do more like that it will be my “Realistic” series. This story, which is all over the place, will be the first of a “Nonsense” series, if I follow it up.

Oh, look at the cute cat on the bottom left of the cover. It is public domain clip art. I found it here. The rest of the cover is a standard Amazon Kindle cover, but I’m going to keep the cat as a brand on everything I publish. I got the idea from Penguin Books, which had a lot of titles I enjoyed when I was a kid. The covers of all the Penguin books were orange with a cartoon penguin. It was simple, and I liked it. I want to do something similar, and I’m all about cats.